Hospice Billing Services

Hospice Billing Services is a privately owned healthcare management services organization (MSO) located in Tempe, Arizona. The company is comprised of a team of experienced professionals who are experts in such fields as medical billing, insurance billing and reimbursement, and accounts receivable collection. Using the latest industry technology and advanced training, our team effectively serves healthcare providers throughout the United States.
With 15 years of healthcare reimbursement experience, Hospice Billing Services can increase your cash flow, reduce your operating expenses, and improve the level of your patient satisfaction by freeing up the office staff to concentrate on patient care. Hospice Billing Services offers services tailored to the needs of each client. We thrive on getting your claims efficiently processed, and the money that is owed to you paid as quickly as possible.
HBS is a nationwide leader in the management of accounts receivables.
Phone : (480) 894-1492
Fax : (480) 894-1493
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